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Veneers from high quality logs are mechanically dried and they undergo stress relieving process, which are assembled insuch a way to from a balanced construction . High quality fortified synthetic resins are used for gluing the veneers. Glue line is poisoned by special formulations of chemicals to make Caliber Plywood safe against borers. It is hot pressed under proper temperature and more than 16 Kg/cm specific pressure. Conditioning is done after pressing, followed by preservative treatment.

Partition and paneling, ceilings in public rooms and corridors, floor underlayment, computer rooms furniture, bus bodies, railway coaches, milk booths, sign boards, insert in panel doors, storage racks.

Technical Specification    
Test Required Value Observed
Moisture Contents 5% - 15% As per ISI Req.
Dimension Length+5mm, Width+2mm Thickness 2-8mm+5%, < 6mm+10% With limit
Sp. Gravity   As per ISI Req.
Resistance to water (3 cycles of 8hr boiling & 16 HR. Drying at 76 C)    
- Adhesion to plies Min. Pass Standard Excellent
Resistance to Micro-Organism    
- Adhesion to plies
Static Bending Test
a) Modulus of Elasticity
Min. Pass Standard Excellent
- along the grain Avg. Min. 5000 N/sq.mm As per ISI Req.
- along the grain Avg.
b) Modulus of Rupture
Min. 2500 N/sq.mm As per ISI Req.
- along the grain Avg. Min. 40 N/sq.mm As per ISI Req.
- along the grain Avg. Min. 20 N/sq.mm As per ISI Req.

flush doors

These are made from high Density Farm Timbers, which are chemically treated and well sesasoned. Battens are edge glued to make these doors durable and dimensionally treated and well seasoned. Battens are edge gludeto make these doors durable and dimensionally stable. Special formulations of chemicals are used to poison the glue line against borers and fungus. External preservative treatment is given to make these doors perfectly resistant to all the Micro Organisms.Caliber Flush doors are available in all sizes and thickness. Flush doors are laminated with decorative veneers are per customers' requirements.

Door in homes and offices.

Technical Specification    
Test Requirment of IS 2202 Test Result
Dimensions & Squareness Length + 0/mm +3mm
  Width +0/mm +2mm
  Thickness +/-1mm +.6mm
  Squareness: not more than .5mm
  1mm per 500mm length  
General Flatness 6mm 2.0mm
Local Planeness 0.5mm 0.2mm
Impact Indentation 0.2mm 0.10mm
Flexture Test Max. Deflection 5mm Max. Deflection 3mm
Edge Loading Tests Residual deflection 0.5mm Residual deflection .25mm
  Lateral buckling 2mm 1mm
Sock Resistant Tests Should withstand 5 impacts Can withstand 10 impacts
Misuse Tests No Permanent Deformation of
the Fixing
No Permanent Deformation
End Immersion Tests No Delamination No Delamination
Knife/Glue Adhesion Test Pass Standard Excellent
Screw Withdrawl 1000N 1800N
Slamming Tests No Visible Damage After 50 Drops No Damage
Buckling Test Pass Standard Excellent

Block Boards

These are made out of excellent quality of Plantation Timbers. logs are quarter sawn into Planks using SDR method, which are chemically treated and well seasoned before converting into battens in a multiple ripsaw. Battens are sandwiched between two glued mechanically dried veneers and are pressed in hot press under accurate temperature and pressure. Quarter sawing of logs and proper seasoning of planks make it dimensionally stable and treatment of planks,poisoning of glue line and preservative treatment of finished block board make Caliber plywood durable and safe against borers.

Cabinets,Almirahs and othe furniture,Door Partitions,Shelves and other interior applications;Roofing, Fencing,and other external applications.

Technical Specification    
Test Required Value Observed Value
Dimensional Changes caused
by Humidity
a) Changes, mm
from 65% RH to 90% RH + 1mm Max. As per ISI
from 65% RH to 40% RH - 1mm Max. Requirement
b) Local Planeness <1/150 As per ISI Req.
c) At the extreme range of
No del-lamination at the
extreme range of humidity
No de-limination
Adhesion of the plies Minimum pass standard Excellent
Resistance to water No de-lamination after 72 hours
No de-lamination
Resistance to Micro organisms No appreciable sign of
separation at edges.
o separation at
Modulus of Elasticity Min. 5000 N/sq.mm As per ISI Req.
Modulus of Repture Min. 50 N/sq.mm As per ISI Req.
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