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SGU offers the most durable MR grade plywood made out of selected veneers from defect free logs. The veneer is bonded together with melamine based urea formaldehyde resin that prepares the SGU ply to resist moisture or even mid showers. Veneers are well treated with formulated treatments to make the SGU ply a bore-resistant ply.

Flush Door

The wide frames of SGU flush doors, made of selected hardwood, give a super strong structure that goes on and on for centuries and decades. Flush Doors are elegantly designed for a long life. These flush doors not only add aesthetics to your office or home but also last much longer than ordinary flush doors. What’s more, these represent rare mix of quality, durability and dimensional accuracy. These are being extensively used for interior and exterior purpose. The flush doors are made with proper care and are available in all sizes. Flush doors made are completely as per the guidance of IS:2202, are the favorite of architects and household owners who are using SGU products to protect their houses for years.

Block Board

Conforming to IS:1659 standards, SGU block boards are there to stay with you. The woodwork will last till generations because these block boards are made out of well-seasoned planks according to the scientific patterns laid by the Forest Research Institute.
Made from carefully selected high quality seasoned timber, SGU block boards beautifully blend the strength of the solid wood and the finish of a smooth surface board. The timber is seasoned under controlled temperature and humidity to get uniform moisture as per IS: 1141 – 1993. Furthermore, timber is also sterilized during the seasoning process to kill wood-destroying organisms. Carefully selected Indian and imported veneers are compressed at the bottom to make the best quality warp free block board.
Crafted with utmost care, SGU block boards have a smooth and flawless surface finish, which can be easily painted or polished. These block boards are absolutely free from corrugation and unevenness due to stringent quality controls maintained at every level of production. Due to stringent quality control, SGU block boards last much longer than ordinary block boards.
These are light in weight, dimensionally stable, with no tendency of warping. Have a smooth finish surface, free from waviness, overlapping and gaps, very light to handle, easy to saw and excellent in screw and nail holding properties. SGU Block Boards come in two grades.
Grade1: Exterior Grade BWR Block Board:
BWR block boards are bonded with superior quality phenol formaldehyde synthetic resin.
Grade2: Interior Grade Block Boards:
Commercial or MR grade block boards are bonded with good quality melamine urea formaldehyde resin.

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